About Us

Age Appropriate Rooms

Hayley’s Little Comets offers childcare from 3 months – 5 Years. Children are placed in rooms that are age appropriate. Appropriate resources, activities and routines are in place to ensure the children are provided with a safe, caring and stimulating environment, enabling them to achieve their full potential. We place a strong emphasis on learning and development through play.

Silver Star

0-24 Months

Our Silver Stars Room is well equipped with a variety of resources to enable your child’s development, covering the 7 areas of learning. This is a unique environment to stimulate very young minds. There are also outdoor facilities that cater for our youngest comets to help them to flourish in all areas of learning.
All the resources are utilised by staff to plan and a wide range of activities to follow the EYFS framework.

Yellow Sunshine

25-35 Months

In our Yellow Sunshine Room our little comets will grow and develop their skills further as well as acquiring new ones. Our enthusiastic comets will join in with the carefully planned and organised exciting activities throughout the day as they further explore their surroundings. Our outdoor area provides lots of opportunities for physical adventures and exercise. There are also plenty of opportunities for quiet time as well as messy play, art and crafts and role play.

Magnolia Moons

From 36 Months

In our Magnolia Moons Room we start to gain some structure, still following the Early Years Foundation Stage covering all the 7 areas of learning, the staff begin to introduce short learning times for phonics and other areas of learning at set time during the day. Not only do we see the education beginning to develop further, the independence of our little comets sees their self help skills grow. Your Child’s key person will provide learning goals through close observations, group activities and focused one to one tasks to help your child in preparation for school.

About Us

Hayley’s Little Comets aims to provide children with a safe, caring and stimulating environment, enabling them to achieve their full potential. We place a strong emphasis on learning and development through play, acknowledging individual skills and abilities. We work alongside the community to promote values that instil respect, diversity and inclusion.

By choosing Hayley's Little Comets Day Nursery our qualified, caring team will take care of your 'little comets' aged 0-5 years whilst you are busy.


Hayley's Little Comets Day Nursery
2 Harris Street
Stoke on Trent

Telephone:  07741557564

Email:  hayleyschildcareservice@gmail.com


Business Hours:  7:30 - 5:30 (monday-friday)

Opening Hours:

Full Time:
7.30am – 5.30pm Monday – Friday

Full Day:
7.30am – 5.30pm

Half Day Sessions:
7.30am – 12.30pm or 12.30pm – 5.30pm


How are the parents involved in the nursery?
We value all of our families and want them to feel part of the setting. We do this by having an open door policy where parents can come and speak to the staff within their child’s room or the management team about any concerns or worries they may have or just too generally see how their child is getting on. We encourage parents to join in with a variety of celebrations taking part in activities and events to support the children and the parents giving advice and guidance when needed.
How are accidents within the setting monitored?
All accidents are recorded and signed by parent, staff present and a member of the management team these are then filed away in the office. If we believe to be serious or in need of medical attention then parents will be contacted immediately. There are a number of staff who hold a first aid certificate and we ensure there is always someone present within the setting and when on outings. Accidents are monitored and Risk Assessment changed accordingly to ensure that accidents can be limited.
Where do children sleep?
Those children that still need to sleep are provided with sleep mats (cots for the youngest babies) and bedding which is washed on site. Children can choose to sleep anytime throughout the day but as most of our parents in the younger room request sleep time after dinner this is when it is provided. We do not however force children to sleep. Those that are awake during sleep time are provided with quiet activities to take part in.

What Our Families are Saying

The nursery provides a fantastic, loving environment...

Choosing a nursery whilst Covid restrictions were in place was quite a challenge, however as soon as we walked into Hayleys Little Comets we felt that this nursery was right for our son. We got a really homely feeling. The nursery provides a fantastic, loving environment and Jaxon continues to thrive.

The staff are all very friendly and helpful, Jaxon often talks about them at home along with his friends and always talks about what he has been doing that day.

We thank you for helping Jaxon grow and for keeping him in a safe and loving setting.

I highly recommend and have no hesitation in giving Hayleys Little Comets the 5 stars they deserve.

We can't recommend Hayley enough

Our kid joined Hayleys Little Comets Day Nursery ealry September 2022. The way they manage the nursery is amazing. Starting with the great hospitality when we called the nursery to start the process to join our kid and take the free 15 hours from the council. They were very supportive and very fast. Our kid struggle to adapt to the new environment, but Hayley and Helen are very supportive and patient. Now he is enjoing every time he goes there.

The nursery App is fabulous and it has all the details you need about your kid, in addition to the regular photos the add to our son.

We can't recommend Hayley enough.

Hayley is thoughtful, kind, trustworthy

We can't recommend Hayley enough! xxxx started going to Hayley's at the end of my maternity leave, and was really apprehensive about returning to work and xxxx not being with me. The thought of leaving our precious little bundle of joy with someone we didn't really know was terrifying!

Hayley is thoughtful, kind, trustworthy and has gone above and beyond. She held a wonderful event for Christmas in the street with reindeers and party bags for the children...

Best decision we ever made...

Hayley has looked after out son xxxx since he was 10 months old (now 25 months) and I couldn't recommend her enough. I found the whole prospect of finding child care nerve wrecking as it was the first and only time we've had to do it so we weren't sure what to expect, but tht from the moment we met Hayley, we felt comfortable and we can say that it's the best decision we have ever made...

Highly recommended

Hayley and her childcare setting came highly recommended by a relative. This was also supported by positive reviews from current parents. After conducting our research, my partner and I added Hayley's Little Comets to our list of childcare settings to view...